Monday, October 17, 2016

We have reached critical mass with liberals happily wanting to ban what they don’t like.

“Hate” speech. Halloween costumes. Sports team mascots. If it’s something that gives somebody else pleasure or fun, the left is ready to say, “No! That offends us! Time to ban it!”

Of course, they wouldn’t be so crazy as to say to ban the bible would they?

Oh they would. Mark Dice does a really good job of exposing these kinds of people and he has done it again. Take a look:

I guarantee if Dice was asking the same exact people about banning the Koran, the reaction would be much different.

It’s pretty much a misnomer to say they are “liberals” at this point. Patriots like Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t have any of this. These people are hard core leftists who want to destroy America from the inside.

If these people are the ones to occupy the halls of power in Washington DC, things will get very ugly.

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