Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The loud and proud Donald Trump supporter’s recent tweet is getting a lot of attention.

Clarke has had enough of corruption in all branches of government and the media. Wikileaks has given us all a front row seat to this outrageous activity and Clarke has had enough.

Of course liberals jumped on Clarke saying he was calling for violence. Please. He is a man of the law. We can beat this at the ballot box by voting for Donald Trump!

The left has tried to silence Sheriff Clarke for not subscribing to their agenda. The video below details how his appearance at a Connecticut college was cancelled because he doesn’t support the Black Lives Matter movement. The left tries to shut anyone up who doesn’t agree with their nonsense.

Sheriff Clarke won’t be shutting up anytime soon. He has a lot to say and I’m grateful that he’s on our side with such a powerful voice!

Please share this if you agree with Sheriff Clarke!

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