Friday, October 14, 2016

The media’s attacks on Donald’s Trump are very suspiciously timed. With just three weeks until the election, they are assaulting the GOP nominee’s character.

This is pretty standard protocol against Republicans. The left stream media will trot out women claiming mistreatment but after the election, these women always seem to disappear.

If the press knew about these allegations, why did they wait until now to release the information? They certainly aren’t concerned about the women or this information would have been exposed a long time ago.

Jessica Leeds has just now accused Donald Trump of sexual assault from the 1980s. The press was quick to report on this but didn’t do any sort of fact checking.

Leeds claims Trump raised the arm rest in first class and began groping her, but arm rests weren’t made able to raise at that time. And a little fact checking ties this woman to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton herself.

The press didn’t do any sort of fact checking. They are more interested in phony allegations than they are Wikileaks and all of Hillary’s KNOWN corruption.

Donald Trump had a long standing show on NBC but it wasn’t until the month prior to the presidential election that the network objected to their star’s behavior? Please! They either turned a blind eye to it then or they are making it up now. Either way, it looks bad for NBC.

CNN has given a platform to former Trump executive Barbara Res, who states she believes the assault claims. But, the network didn’t do look into Res’ background. It wasn’t that long ago that she was praising Trump. Of course, that was before he was running against Hillary Clinton. The letter below that she sent to Trump shows that Res had a favorable opinion of Trump. This woman has an agenda.

If she was so concerned about Trump’s character, why is she just speaking up now? Because it’s all nonsense intended to send Hillary Clinton to the White House.

The press is also trying to paint Trump as a pedophile now. They are trying to trot out teenage beauty pageant contestants to defame him. But, former Miss Nebraska Teen Natasha Rickley made statements in support of Trump that she believes will be edited out.

It’s important that we share this news about the media’s bias. They are working outright with the Clinton campaign to smear Trump. It’s all written out in the Wikileaks emails that the press isn’t even thoroughly covering because it implicates them as well as Hillary.

Please share this to let others know about the media bias!

H/T: Hot Air

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