Thursday, October 27, 2016

ISIS has terrorized people throughout the Middle East. They have been especially violent to Christians.

One Syrian Christian mother recounted how the ISIS jihadists tortured and killed people in her hometown, including her teen son, George.

Alice and her son were being hidden by a Muslim family who eventually betrayed them after George wouldn’t accept a Muslim name.

In the horrifying video below, Alice Assaf details how her son was beaten and then shot to death. Over 250 others were baked in the ovens of a local bakery or kneaded to death in the bakery’s industrial-sized mixer. What monsters!

ISIS has also targeted Christians in Iraq. On October 21, they launched an offensive on Kirkuk. They terrorized the city for three days before being pushed out by Iraqi forces.

As the video below details, the ISIS militants killed dozens and even targeted the dorms of Christian students.

President Obama isn’t taking these monsters seriously. While the Assaf family was living in horrific conditions, Obama merely dismissed ISIS as the JV team. Exactly who does Obama consider to be the varsity team then?

Please share this if you stand with these Christians!

H/T: Breitbart

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