Friday, October 21, 2016

A lot of people affiliated with Bill and Hillary Clinton suddenly end up dead. This was noticed during Bill’s days as president. It appears this power hungry duo will stop at nothing when someone becomes a liability.

The video below about the Clinton Body Count details some of the people connected to the Clintons who have been sent to early graves, including one big name that many might find surprising.

This body count started long before the Clintons headed to DC. As the video below details, there are quite a few suspicious deaths associated with Kevin Ives and Don Henry. The pair were found dead on railroad tracks after witness drug smuggling in Arkansas. People with knowledge of the case ended up dying also. And it appears it was all a coverup that may have led to Bill Clinton.

Kevin’s mother Linda Ives ended up on Bill Clinton’s enemies list after she had Kevin’s body exhumed for a private autopsy. This is more than a little suspicious.

Do you think this is just a conspiracy or do you think the Clintons had a hand in any of these deaths? It is rather fishy that there are so many people connected to Bill and Hill who have had suspicious deaths.

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