Monday, October 3, 2016

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are working hard to bring tens of thousands of refugees from hotbeds of terrorism.

The White House has little concern about vetting, instead referring to everyone as women and children. But, terrorists are hiding among these refugees. Look to Europe for proof.

One female refugee escaped an abusive husband in the Middle East. She fled a suppressive Islamic society and she is using her voice to say that it shouldn’t be brought here.

She attended Milo Yiannopoulos’ event on a college campus. She stood up and said if anyone there wanted to open the floodgates to these refugees, she would personally kick their ass in the parking lot.

In the NSFW video below, she takes aim at American feminists who are taking no notice to her story of abuse. She smacks them hard.

She makes a valid point. While feminists are claiming misogyny for everything, they aren’t concerned at all by letting these suppressive monsters onto our soil. Why won’t they listen?

Her voice is an important one as she has experienced it first hand. Her message should be spread in hopes of waking up some liberals. We can’t invite people here who want to kill us!

Please share this to help get her message out!

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