Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kim Kardashian promotes gun control. In the wake of the Orlando massacre by a radical Islamic terrorist, the reality star called for more gun control.

Over the weekend, Kim was held at gun point in her luxury apartment in Paris where she was staying for Fashion Week. She was robbed of millions of dollars of jewelry after being gagged and bound while her bodyguard was out partying. 

Since Paris is essentially a gun free zone, the NRA pointed out the obvious – that Kim’s desired limitations aren’t helpful. Kim was robbed in a place that has even stricter gun control than what she advocates for, yet she was still assaulted and robbed because criminals don’t follow the laws!

The NRA took to Twitter to prove this point.

They are right. Criminals don’t follow gun laws. Gun restrictions only limit the rights of law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves. When gun rights are limited, average citizens are turned into soft targets – like Kim was.

The video below has more information on Kim’s robbery. Her openness on social media may have made her vulnerable to her assailants.

While I certainly sympathize with a victim of violence, there are some questions here.

This almost seems like an inside job. Her assailants had to know she was alone. If it wasn’t an inside job, could this be a publicity stunt? Kim is known for these sorts of things, even having a phony marriage for publicity. Who travels with over $10 million in jewelry?

Whatever was the cause, one thing is certain – gun control did nothing to help Kim in this situation.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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