Thursday, October 6, 2016

Barack Obama’s ideas have been absolutely terrible throughout his administration. They have been so terrible, he hired an army of public relations staffers to spin his failing policies.

He spends over $500 million a  year on these propagandists.

But that isn’t all. He also spent nearly a $1 billion dollars on advertising firms to prop up the failed policies.


This is despicable. This man is using our own money to LIE to us.

Instead of rebuilding infrastructure, repairing decaying roads and bridges, Obama is wasting OUR hard-earned money selling us his bad ideas like Obamacare.

And where is Congress? Why are they allowing him to get away with this? Don’t they control the purse? Can’t they stop funding for these despicable programs? What do these people in Washington, D.C. actually do besides take our money and spend it on frivolous, wasteful projects?

Enough is enough. We need to bring real change to Washington, D.C. We need to Make America Great Again!

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