Monday, October 3, 2016

Obama is only in office for about three more months and yet he’s as nasty and vindictive as ever. His latest target is Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch has been an indispensable organization in helping to expose corruption within the Obama administration. They have used the legal system and FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act) to uncover IRS targeting of conservative groups and information about Hillary Clinton’s emails. And Obama isn’t happy about it.

Inspector General Carol F. Ochoa reported that the General Services Administration “botched several high-profile open records requests, delaying them for months while political appointees got involved.”

Judicial Watch was specifically targeted by Obama lackeys. Long time Democratic fundraiser and at the time liaison to the White House Gregory Mecher had Judicial Watch’s media status stripped by Elliot Mincberg, a lawyer with strong Democratic ties. It gets even worse when you realize that Mecher is married to Jen Psaki, a longtime spokeswoman for the Obama administration.

Not only did Mincberg revoke Judicial Watch’s original media status, but he also ruled on the appeal as well. Ms. Ochoa noted this is “contrary to GSA procedures.”

Mincberg has a record of naughty behavior. In 2014, he was “accused of withholding information from investigators, appearing to coach witnesses, and during one interview, threatening to bring charges against the investigators themselves.”

Mincberg and Mecher aren’t the only ones trying to hide the truth about the Obama administration. In fact, Obama’s GSA spent $31.3 million to fight FOIA cases in 2015. That’s more than twice what the Bush administration spent in 2008.


The KGB is less secretive than this administration. Think this will get better with Hillary Clinton if she is elected? These people are vindictive.

Spread this around. More people need to know what lengths Democrats will go to shut down dissent. Remember when that used to be the highest form or patriotism?

H/T: Washington Times

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