Monday, October 17, 2016

Europe is completely destroying itself with its politically correct policies. Their people are being physically attacked and murdered in terrorist attacks. And now, their once clean, beautiful cities are turning into third world waste bins.

Paris is the latest city to be hit with this garbage. Yes, literal garbage. There is trash everywhere.

See for yourself:

Footage [was] taken in the Avenue de Flandres, 19th Arrondissement, near the Stalingrad Metro Station in Paris as well as areas in close proximity… Homeless immigrants, undocumented or waiting for a decision of their asylum application, pass the time in the city. Crime and rape is rampant, mass brawls and riots made the news as fights broke out near the Stalingrad metro station.

The refugee crisis is destroying these once glorious cities. There is violence in the streets, trash and garbage everywhere. And on top of this, terrorists are sneaking into the country and carrying out attacks such as Nice.

If that wasn’t enough, they attack panel trucks in Calais in order to sneak into Great Britain.

And if you think this is uncommon behavior, take a look at what these people do to an airplane.

These are the type of people and culture that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to bring here to the United States. Backed by George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Obama want to systematically destroy America through open borders and mass immigration.

We can not let this happen! We can not let our sovereignty be destroyed by anti-Americans.

We must REJECT Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s failed and disastrous policies and ideas.

SHARE if you will REJECT Hillary Clinton!

H/T: Louder with Crowder

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