Monday, October 31, 2016

Pastor Saeed Abedini is speaking out regarding the presidential race. The man who was held in an Iranian prison for over three years, wants to publicly thank the man who helped him and his family.

That man is Donald Trump.

Abedini said that while Hillary Clinton did nothing for him and his family, Trump gave his wife $10,000 to help with expenses and he also brought some exposure to Abedini’s kidnapping when the White House and press ignored it.


Abedini wasn’t a political prop to Trump either. He did this long before he decided to run for president. Check out these tweets from 2013, shortly after the Iranians began the imprisonment.

While Barack Obama was doing nothing, Donald Trump was there to help! Abedini is grateful for this and has defended attacks on Donald Trump’s character, stating that God uses flawed men to lead nations.


From Christian Today:

“I am finally free in a free country. Last year on the same day I was sick and in chains for Christ, and now I can vote to choose my next president,” Abedini said in a post on his Facebook page on Sunday.

“And most amazingly, I can vote for someone that I know fought for me and called my name so many times. He met my family and gave them a $10,000 gift. I think his ideas are more biblical than the other candidates,” he added.

In contrast, Abedini said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton did not do or say anything to help secure his release from Iranian prison. The pastor said Clinton never spoke his name or met his family.

Abedini explained why he is not a fan of Hillary Clinton, who did nothing to help him or his family.

“As a woman who says she stands for women’s rights when she was foreign minister, she never contacted my mom, wife, sister or my daughter. She never did anything to help when I was in prison as an American pastor who was detained in Iran as a hostage,” he wrote.

Abedini has horrible tales to tell of his 3.5 years in an Iranian prison. The video below details some of the things that happened to this American who was forgotten by the Clintons, but not by Donald Trump.

I’m glad he is speaking out. While Donald Trump is under assault by the media for character issues, these acts of kindness and leadership are important to highlight.

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H/T: Christian Today

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