Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The media covers for Democrats. They covered Trump’s locker room talk wall to wall while real scandals were being exposed about Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media was ignoring Hillary Clinton’s bombshell scandals delivered to them gift wrapped with a bow on it.

Paul Joseph Watson discusses why they are ignoring the scandalous Hillary stories:

Paul talks about how they distract the PEOPLE from paying attention. However, with another WikiLeaks release, we know Hillary Clinton attempted to distract THE MEDIA THEMSELVES.

Look at this. Back in April of 2015, Hillary Clinton and her people were inviting prominent members of the media to attend an OFF THE RECORD event to hang out with Hillary Clinton, drink and eat hors devours.

Check it out:

You can see the full list of attendees, here.

This is crazy. How are these people expected to cover her with any degree of impartiality after something like that? THEY CAN’T. Which is precisely the point Watson was making. And the media is not going to POLICE THEMSELVES!

Share with your friends and family! Let them know the extent of the media’s CORRUPTION!

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