Thursday, October 27, 2016

It is very difficult for the Department of JUSTICE to claim any sense of fairness when 97 PERCENT of political donations from the DOJ went to Hillary Clinton.

The numbers are really staggering and certainly reveals a possible reason why people in the Department of Justice wouldn’t want Hillary Clinton indicted.

During this election cycle, DOJ employees have donated all of $8,756 to Donald Trump.

They have donated $286,797 to Hillary Clinton.

This is more than double what they had donated just five months ago! And it’s not just a small handful of employees it’s more than 200 Department of Justice employees!

Lou Dobbs breaks it down even further:

This is only part of the story. Of the nearly $2 million donated by all federal government employees, $1.9 million – 95 PERCENT! – of that went to Hillary Clinton.

Is it any wonder Donald Trump has said the system is rigged against an outsider like him?

It’s because he’s right the system is rigged!

Federal employees are shaking in their boots because Donald Trump is promising to cut the fat and get rid of them! He’s promising to Drain the Swamp!

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h/t Breitbart

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