Friday, October 28, 2016

A couple days ago a bunch of young Trump supporters set up a table outside the Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh. They were passing out campaign literature and informing people about how Donald Trump will Make America Great Again.

The Trump supporters were handing out koozies and asking fellow students to pledge to vote for Donald Trump.

However, a number of violent Hillary supporters stopped by and wreaked havoc on their setup.

They began yelling, “f*** the white male patriarchy!” and “I can’t believe you guys are actually people.”


Kirk Breiner and Matt Kerlin, two students supporting Trump at the table also told The Pitt Maverick they were harassed by a man who called their candidate “racist.” That same man then tried to start a fight similarly to how Democrats were instigating fights at Trump rallies as exposed by Project Veritas.

“We responded by telling him that that’s absolutely ridiculous, and then he got agitated and grabbed a stack of literature from our table and ran off with it,” Breiner said.

When Breiner and Kerlin refused to fight, the man then stole a bunch of their literature and tried to run off.

These are the thug and criminal tactics that Hillary Clinton and her supporters employ. They have no tolerance for differing view points and will actively engage in violence to achieve their goals. We can NEVER allow these people in power to bring ruination to the United States of America.

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H/T: News At Top

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