Friday, October 28, 2016

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had some sobering words about polls. He said that polls showing Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide are “designed to suppress turnout.”

Paul said on “The Tom Roten Morning Show,” that the media is pushing these polls to discourage Trump supporters from voting. If voters feel as if the election is already decided, they might not go through the effort of having their voices heard.

From Breitbart:

Paul said “You know, I think sometimes polling is done to dampen election turnout. So when Trump says the thing’s rigged, I’m not sure exactly what he means and I’m not sure I always agree with him. But I do think that when we say over and over someone can’t win, that is a form of rigging in the sense that it is designed to suppress turnout.”

He added, “The polls are put out, you know to make it either look closer than it is or to make it look like Democrats have a better chance. And I think it’s done by design to try to dampen turnout.”


The mainstream media has proven itself corrupt this election cycle. Their bias against Republicans is simply undeniable, so it’s completely believable that the media is trying, once again, the help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

You can hear Rand Paul explain this in the video below.

Please share this if you agree with Rand Paul that these polls are intended to suppress Trump supporters!

H/T: Breitbart

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