Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Democrats have gotten desperate this year and are getting ever more violent. They began trying to intimidate Trump supporters by rioting and protesting at Trump rallies and now they are going after Republican headquarters.

A Republican headquarters in Delaware County, Indiana is the latest victim of Democratic violence after bricks were thrown through its windows.

In the video below, the GOP Chairman says the crime was politically motivated. Police are investigating.

Another Republican office was firebombed over the weekend. North Carolina Republicans were attacked with fire. Cars outside the building were also tagged with graffiti accusing them of being Nazis as the video below details.

Republicans are under attack. The Democrats will do anything to elect Hillary Clinton. They are even resorting to violence.

We reported earlier this week that the Clinton campaign was exposed as causing violence at Trump rallies and also a Trump car that was demolished by Hillary supporters.

Be careful! These people are willing to do anything to silence us!

Share this to WARN others about VIOLENCE from Hillary Clinton’s supporters!

H/T: Fox 59

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