Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mike Pence.

Pence won in an absolute landslide garnering 93% of the vote. Tim Kaine came away with only only 6%. And 1% believed neither Vice Presidential candidates won.

It’s no wonder given Tim Kaine’s abrasive lies that even the mainstream media called him out on on.

Not to mention, “Kaine seemed weirdly out of touch with the way normal humans think and talk.”

“Kaine came off as bitter, angry, hostile, and maybe worst of all a career politician.”

This is the person Hillary Clinton chose as her Vice Presidential nominee. A foaming at the mouth windbag. He didn’t have any substance to stand on and vehemently tried to attack Pence over and over again.

Despite, the moderator’s compliance with Kaine’s attacks, Pence was cool, calm, and collected. He showed that Donald Trump knows how to pick the right people to Make America Great Again!

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