Thursday, October 20, 2016

The third Presidential debate is behind and the results from our overnight poll are in. Donald Trump creamed Hillary Clinton taking in 93%. Clinton finished with 5%. And 2% voted “Neither.”

It’s not a surprise when Hillary Clinton walked out onto the debate stage disrespecting America by not wearing an American Flag pin.  She then went on to lie about her involvements with Russia, somehow trying to accuse Donald Trump of being aligned with them when she was the one who actually sold 20% of our American uranium to the Russians when she was Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump knocked the first question out of the park and continued an upward trend throughout the end. He defended our Second Amendment rights and proudly stood for life!

He even called Hillary Clinton the puppet that she is!


He also made sure to call her out on her biggest of the lie of the night!

Donald Trump was the clear winner!

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