Thursday, October 27, 2016

While Hillary Clinton is measuring the drapes for the White House, Russia has made an announcement that should give all Americans pause.

Russia has a new nuclear missile named Satan 2. This beast can take out France or even Texas. This is NOT something to take lightly. Instead of worrying about offensive words, American voters should be concerned about World War III.

Hillary Clinton has been taunting Vladimir Putin on the campaign trail. She’s putting our national security at risk so she can win an election. Ultimately, she would just be a third term for Obama, who has done nothing to stop Putin.

Russia already announced that it was suspending its agreement with the United States to reduce its nuclear arsenal. While Obama is scaling back on national defense, Putin is beefing theirs up!

The video below details information about Satan 2 and its destructive abilities. It’s something all voters need to know about before voting on November 8th.

Obama and Hillary mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for saying that Russia was a threat. They dismissed these concerns and now we all are looking at a possible crisis situation with Russia.

We simply can’t afford Hillary Clinton. National security is more important than any other issue. As Secretary of State, she failed us in Benghazi and with Russia. She isn’t deserving of the keys to the White House, especially with Russia having this massive nuclear weapon.

Please share this if you think Hillary can’t handle Russia!

H/T: Breitbart

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