Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Who do you want picking Supreme Court justices? Bernie Marcus, one of the co-founders of the home improvement chain, Home Depot discussed it on Fox and Friends and he made the choice pretty easy.

He said you can choose to vote for Donald Trump or you can let Hillary win and she will decide the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next 25 years

This seems rather simple, no? There is one Supreme Court vacancy now and there is a chance there will be two more in the next four years. Do we really want to see Crooked Hillary appointing three Supreme Court justices?

The fallout from that damage would last FAR BEYOND 25 years, though. Marcus is only talking about how long the court would make lousy decisions.

This seems like a no-brainer so be sure to get out there and vote! And make sure you tell people about this. Bernie Marcus didn’t build Home Depot into what it is because he’s an idiot!

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