Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Seventeen year old Brian Ogle was brutally beaten in an abandoned parking lot last Friday by multiple attackers.

Brandi Allen. Brian’s mother, claims his son was the victim of a “hate crime.” She says he was targeted because of pro-police comments he made on Facebook after he saw students wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts at Sylacauga High School.

Police have not made any arrests as of yet, but say that racial tensions at Sylacauga High School COULD have played a part in the assault.

Yes and it COULD be hot on the surface of the sun.

I understand the police have a duty to investigate before making claims of motive, but since I am not a cop, I can ask, “Is there any doubt of Black Lives Matter involvement?”

The involvement may not be direct, but their rhetoric has gotten cops killed in New York City and Dallas. Is it any stretch to think it could extend to a high school boy? Of course it can.

Allen definitely thinks the beating was racial in nature and she wants justice for her son. “I want to see them in jail, this most certainly is a race issue, it’s a hate crime.” She continued, “I want them punished to the fullest extent, to the fullest, my son could have lost his life. I won’t stop until they are punished.”

When do people who don’t support Black Lives Matter get to exercise their first amendment rights without fear of violent reprisal?

Black Lives Matter isn’t about protesting injustices. It’s about terrorizing normal people. It’s about burning down cities. It’s about chaos and destruction.

They have targeted those who protect us and now they are targeting us.

Black Lives Matter is a danger to society. Share to WARN your friends and family of this DANGEROUS group and how it can AFFECT THEM!

H/T: Breitbart

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