Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tomi Lahren speaks her mind like no one else. She’s rather fearless with taking on the left. She is especially brutal against the left wing of the Republican party.

In the video below, Tomi speaks about the leaked Trump tape in which he used “locker room” banter back in 2005. While the tapes are uncomfortable, Tomi isn’t surprised as nobody has accused Donald Trump of being a saint.

However, she takes strong objection to Republicans who rescinded their endorsements of Trump. She points her finger right at them and blames them for Trump’s rise. They failed their constituents and this made primary voters demand an outsider like Trump.

You have to watch this video! She is right!

I completely agree with Tomi! These turncoat Republicans sold us a bill of goods with campaign slogans that ended up being nothing more than empty promises.

We need to shake things up and that’s why Donald Trump is the GOP nominee.

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