Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos lambasted the media at a Millennials for Trump rally in Georgia on Monday.

He talked about how they are closing their comments because they fear “trolling.”

Milo wasn’t buying that at all.

“No it’s f***** not. It’s because everybody hates you and you lie.”


He even goes on to explain their tactic.

It’s a return to the era of broadcast media when they didn’t have to listen to you. The left pioneered this social media stuff because they thought they would win out of it, but they didn’t. They lost. And that’s why they are closing comment section and that’s why Twitter is booting off all of its most interesting personalities.

He even exposes the left’s movement away from Free Speech. He even makes an apt comparison.

“Places like NPR are going to thrash around ever more hysterically and ever more angrily like a dog that knows it’s about to die. And it wants to get you before it goes. That’s the media in this country.”

And let’s reiterate this point.

“They are in existential crisis. Good. They deserve to be. They failed. They lie to and about you every single day. They deserve to burn. The angrier they get the happier you should be about yourselves.”

This is absolutely right on point. Our media has failed us. They are colluding with Hillary Clinton and her campaign. They run smear campaigns against Donald Trump and even normal citizens like Ken Bone whose only fault was asking a question at the second Presidential debate! It’s time to say NO to their corruption and lies.

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