Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It’s over for Hillary Clinton now. Or at least it should be. New Wikileaks emails appear to show that the Department of Justice was communicating with a Clinton campaign spokesman regarding her email scandal and potential litigation.

Take a look:

Donald Trump was shocked:

NBC News Investigations reporter Tom Winter elaborates:

Brian Fallon was Hillary Clinton’s press secretary. And back in May, he admitted that Clinton’s attorney had been in contact with the Department of Justice. “David Kendall is her top council and he has been in touch with the Justice Department throughout this review,” Fallon said. Fallon by his own admission was not the DOJ contact.

This information comes on top of Bill Clinton’s clandestine meeting with head of the Department of Justice, Attorney General Loretta Lynch on board Clinton’s airplane.


Lynch claimed the two talked about family for about 40 minutes.

But why would an Attorney General who is overseeing Hillary Clinton’s multiple investigations board Bill Clinton’s airplane to talk about family? The two just happened to be landing at the same airport at the same time?

It’s way too fishy and doesn’t smell right.

This email looks to show that Clinton’s team has proved our suspicions that the Department of Justice has been coordinating with Hillary Clinton the entire time!

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