Thursday, October 13, 2016

James O’Keefe continues exposing the left. The undercover video extraordinaire just released another video that catches Democratic Senator Russ Feingold explaining how he uses Second Amendment supporter to get votes and then will sell them down the river if he regains his US Senate seat next month.

A high rolling donor named Amy Rao, who is friends with Hillary Clinton, also details to O’Keefe how Clinton will grab our guns. If the Democrats do not regain control of the Senate, a President Hillary Clinton will issue more Executive Actions to further restrict and destroy the Second Amendment.

You can watch the bombshell video below. This is important to share with voters in Wisconsin who mistakenly believe that Feingold supports gun rights.

Since posting his explosive undercover Hillary video, O’Keefe has been a target of Twitter’s restrictive policy against conservatives. Twitter suspended him when he said the above video with Feingold was coming out today. Apparently, they wanted to do as much as they could to block this from being seen.

In the video below you can see that this was most likely done for political reasons. The timing is more than suspicious.

The videos below are the ones that appear to have caused O’Keefe to be blocked.

The first one shows a Hillary staffer saying they are allowed to sexually harass and assault people without repercussions. It also includes voter registration fraud.

The second video shows a New York elections official explaining how politicians commit voter fraud because of the lack of voter ID laws.

Liberals are pulling out all the stops on conservatives this election. They are hellbent on shutting up people like O’Keefe so the message about their corruption and lies doesn’t get out. We need to fight back.

Please share this if you stand with James O’Keefe!

H/T: News Ninja

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