Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump got up early this morning at his Mar-a-Lago Club to deliver a speech in front of his staff discussing the ills our country faces including Obamacare and our anemic job growth.

While Trump has brought these issues up before, the media rarely shows you Trump’s humanity, love for America, and love for the people around him including his employees.

Toward the end of his speech, Trump invited his employees to come up and say some words about him. What they say will show you Trump’s true character.


A number of his employees took the opportunity to speak.

One man said he was originally from Haiti and he has been working at Mar-a-Lago since 2006 and he’s proud to work for Donald Trump. He expressed his enthusiasm shouting “We are Going to Make America Great Again!”

Another employee, Robert Gonzalez took the mic, “I consider myself it’s a privilege to work for the President of the United States and I’m a Cuban American!”

One man wearing a Make America Great Again hat even said his employment at Mar-a-Lago “stopped being a job [for him] a long time ago, it’s something I do simply for enjoyment.”

Trump even joked with him, “Do I still have to pay you?”

Another employee, Leslie, got up and said she also supports Trump and she is originally from Chile.

Following Leslie, another lady took the stage saying she is “very proud to be here, I’m very emotional to be next to you. God Bless America. I work for you 100%. You make me feel very proud.”

Not only does this show Trump’s humanity and his love for his employees, it also completely destroys Hillary Clinton and the Clinton New Network’s nasty narrative trying to label Donald Trump as a racist and sexist.

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