Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In a year where many are concerned with voter fraud, some Texas voters are complaining that their early votes were switched to help Hillary Clinton.

At least two Texans posted to Facebook that when they voted a straight Republican ticket, it registered their votes for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Those two leftists are definitely not Republicans.

These two apparently aren’t isolated events either. New polls show the race tightening in Texas, this appears to have catapulted the leftists to do everything they can to give Hillary the edge. They will do anything they can to help her win, even if it means stepping on our rights.

In the video below, InfoWars went to the Texas Board of Elections to ask about this. The official turned his back and walked away!

The media and the corruptocrats in governmental positions will stop at nothing to block Donald Trump’s path to the White House. They live in the swamp we are trying to drain!

Share this so everyone knows to check and make sure their registered vote is actually how they voted!

H/T: InfoWars

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