Friday, October 28, 2016

WikiLeaks is not stopping. They are promising there are still over 15,000 more emails that will be released.

In a tweet this morning, WikiLeaks said they have released more than 35,000 emails since October 7th in 21 different batches and there will be over 50,000 emails published in total.

Yesterday’s WikiLeaks release showed The Clinton Foundation was actually Bill Clinton Inc. as he funneled money from the Foundation to his personal bank account. The campaign also compared Bill Clinton’s behavior to Bill Cosby.

H.A. Goodman breaks it all down:

That was far from everything that was released yesterday.

H.A. Goodman also covered how John Podesta, Clinton’s Campaign Chairman, says Hillary is unfit for the presidency, and is likely a criminal.

And he wasn’t done there. He also covered how the Department of Justice blocked the FBI from investigating the Clinton Foundation and how the Democratic National Committee cheated Bernie Sanders.

And now today, what we all expected is that Obama, the FBI, the corrupt and morally bankrupt mainstream media protected Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

And this is just what was released in the past 24 hours. It’s all damning. Hillary Clinton is a criminal and she is the key cog in an entirely corrupt government system that is determined to sell out real Americans any way it can.

We will not let them do it and will show them on November 8th that despite their corruption and evil. Good conquers.

Share if you will REJECT the RIGGED System on November 8th!

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