Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wikileaks continues dumping emails associated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Today’s dump, on her birthday, appear to be a treasure trove at first glance.

Joe Littlefield is being championed as a hero for telling John Podesta that Hillary Clinton is a criminal and he should not be associating himself with her.

Anne-Marie Slaughter used to work with Hillary at the State Department. She is a trusted Clinton confidant and now runs New America. She essentially admits to coordinating illegally with the campaign and sending sensitive emails over private servers.

Hillary asked for the Illinois primary to be moved to help kill the candidacy of moderate Republicans who she saw as a threat. “And the Clintons won’t forget what their friends have done for them,” sure sounds like a bribe.

Donna Brazile was busted for feeding Hillary questions prior to a Townhall. While Brazile worked for CNN, she was feeding the campaign information about Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

People Hillary interacts with are handpicked but the press is to believe it is all organic and real, per Huma Abedin.

Even more pay to play activity!

Yesterday’s email dump showed that President Obama knew about Hillary’s illegal email server, as he had received emails from her account. The video below details that.

With less than two weeks until the election, I wonder what else Wikileaks has on Hillary. The press is working hard to cover this up so Hillary can be the next president. As these bombshells continue to pile on, they might not be able to ignore it for much longer.

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