Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wikileaks has fulfilled their promise for an October Surprise! On Monday, Wikileaks dropped a second round of emails from Clinton ally John Podesta. The first batch had some information that could have potentially tanked Hillary’s campaign if the press hadn’t been focused on video of Donald Trump from 2005. Her paid speeches to Wall Street Executives were included in that dump.

The emails released on Columbus Day continue to expose Hillary Clinton’s campaign is coordinating with her Super PACs, which is illegal.

Here are some of the highlights of this second release so far:
The Clinton’s lawyer acknowledged withholding key State Department email data.

Bill Clinton drove a female Clinton Foundation staffer to the brink of suicide.

The New York Times fed Bill Clinton questions before an interview.

Hillary’s campaign feared she would lose to every Republican, except Trump. They worked to embolden Trump’s popularity during the primary because she wanted to run against him in the general.

Chelsea Clinton is seen as a “spoiled brat” who hasn’t yet found her way.

They were concerned about Bill’s sex life being a liability.

The emails are still being sorted through, but if the press actually focused on facts rather than fluff, this could tank Hillary’s campaign.

The video below has more information.

The mainstream media isn’t reporting much of this. While they are more concerned with Trump hurting someone’s feelings, Hillary Clinton is committing crimes.

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H/T: Hannity

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