Monday, October 17, 2016

The press is doing everything it can to bury Wikileaks. They don’t want to uncover the emails that should tank Hillary Clinton’s campaign. These emails show many things, one of those being the campaign’s coordination with the press to control what the public sees.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is so scared about what the Wikileaks emails prove that he told viewers it is illegal to read the Podesta emails unless you are a member of the press.

The unbelievable video is below. Does he really think we are stupid enough to believe that we legally need the press to sift through these emails for us?

Wikileaks continues to release emails that provide a front seat view to Hillary Clinton’s criminal conduct. The video below highlights 10 of the revelations. With new emails being released daily, you can bet there are a lot more things coming as we lead up to the election.

We shouldn’t be surprised about this lie and suppression from CNN. In the video below, another CNN anchor said it was okay for Martha Stewart to go to prison for doing less than what Hillary Clinton has done because Martha Stewart wasn’t running for president. What kind of sense does that make?

The press has non-stop coverage about what Trump said 11 years ago in a private conversation but they aren’t properly covering Wikileaks. It’s too damaging to their preferred candidate.

Since the press isn’t covering this, we need to! Please share this article to let your friends and family know about Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities!

H/T: Daily Caller

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