Monday, October 31, 2016

The latest WikiLeaks email release not only exposed Donna Brazile of colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign while she was working at CNN, but it also revealed that another source was leaking other information to Clinton’s campaign.

Fox and Friends reported this Halloween morning that that a CNN source gave poll numbers to aides and staffers in the Hillary Clinton campaign before they were released.

Watch the report:

This just goes to show that CNN really is the Clinton News Network. They are funneling favorable poll numbers to the Clinton campaign and even giving her debate questions.

CNN tried to call this “false” and “ludicrous” just a couple of weeks ago

Looks like CNN just got caught with their foot in their mouth again. They are the Clinton News Network and can no longer be called journalism. They attempt to mislead the American public with their pro-Hillary content 24/7 and now it is revealed they are actively coordinating with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Watch British TV personality Katie Hopkins call them the Clinton News Network to their faces:

CNN should be ashamed of themselves! They can no longer be trusted!

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