Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s birthday is October 26th. And it appears that Wikileaks is planning on crashing her party. Wikileaks has only released half of the emails associated with Hillary Clinton, so this could be a blockbuster!

Kim Dotcom tweeted a teaser that Hillary’s deleted emails may be released on her birthday. I can’t imagine the tirade Hillary will go on if she can’t have her cake AND eat it too!

Back in July, Wikileaks alluded to something like this. They tweeted that they may have the emails from Hillary’s bathroom closet server.

If Hillary’s actual emails are released, the mainstream media will have to work overtime to suppress them. That would be one October Surprise bombshell! This might sink her candidacy and help land her in jail!

Please share this if you believe President Trump won’t let her get away with this!

H/T: Milo

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