Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This is a terrible story. A 12 year old girl has told her mother she doesn’t want to be white anymore because of all the bullying she has received at school. The girl is white and is a minority at her school. After prolonged bullying for which the school didn’t seem to do much, she declared it would be easier if she weren’t white.

The really sad part of this is if the races were reversed, we’d see the names of the girls doing the bullying splashed all over the place.

Watch this news report and you’ll see the anguish the girl and her mother are dealing with.

Can you imagine that? She wants the name of the attacker and the school won’t give it to them. How is she supposed to be protected once the girl who hit her is back in school? This is outrageous. And it has happened multiple times!

Share this with others. If enough people see this information, then maybe the school will do what it should do and allow the mother to have the name of the one girl so she can file a restraining order and protect her daughter!

H/T: Infowars

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