Friday, November 4, 2016

Election day is closing in fast. One of Donald Trump’s surrogates for his candidacy has been Ann Coulter. She was laughed at last June on Bill Maher’s show when she said the Republican with the best chance of defeating Hillary was Donald Trump. Fast forward to now and she gives her final argument and there is none better!

What does she suggest? Humiliate the media!

It’s brilliant!

She lists 13 different ways the media goes after Donald Trump but then shows how Hillary Clinton is completely worse!

Here’s just one way her idea is brilliant:

Trump failed to denounce David Duke with the ferocity deemed sufficient by our media.

No one even knows if Duke actually exists or is just a phantom produced by the media every four years to smear Republicans.

I know that no one has ever been incited to commit murder after listening to a David Duke speech. Lots of people have been murdered by someone who’d just heard an Al Sharpton speech: seven at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, and one Orthodox Jew, plus one Italian mistaken for a Jew, in Crown Heights.

Hillary has not disavowed Sharpton — nor would our media be so rude as to ask.

The mother of Ferguson thug Mike Brown, Lesley McSpadden, campaigns with Hillary — she even took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. The father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, appeared on stage behind Hillary at a rally.

If the media won’t ask her to “disavow” the relatives of criminals and terrorists featured at her events, could they at least ask her if she approves of their parenting techniques?

Her idea is brilliant. For every attack Clinton and her media cronies throw at Trump just turn around and throw the same attack right back in their face with 100x the ferocity! Force the media to defend Hillary. It’s absolutely brilliant and extremely effective.

You can see all 13 of her suggestions here.

Tell other people about this so they can read be prepared when somebody attacks Donald Trump. With his information, people can fight back against media lies!

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