Monday, November 14, 2016

An anti-Trump protester showed off everything he has learned in college (nothing) by jumping out onto a major highway and then getting run over by an oncoming vehicle.

The crowd slowly tries to take over the freeway with their cell phones waving in the air. They chant a number of things mainly, “Education not deportation.”

However, once they are about halfway on the highway you see the car come onto the screen and a resounding thud as it makes contact with one of the protesters.

The kids then evacuate the street yelling at others to “get off the f****** highway.”


Since their parents didn’t teach them that you don’t play in the streets, this young man learned the lesson the hard way.

There are consequences to actions and when you try and take over a highway full of oncoming traffic, you’re asking for trouble.

Hopefully this video will serve as a warning to other idiot protesters who are trying to interrupt people’s every day lives.

Share if you want these protesters (kids) out of the road!

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