Thursday, November 3, 2016

Armed militias are mobilizing for the election. The Oath Keepers, who sent members to Ferguson in 2014 and supported the Bundy clan in the land use disputes in Nevada and Oregon will be monitoring voting sites on election day.

The Three Percent Security Force out of Atlanta also hinted at protecting an armed march on Washington if Clinton wins the election.

Chris Hill aka Bloodagent and the founder of the The Three Percent Security Force spoke to Reuters, “I will be there to render assistance to my fellow countrymen, and prevent them from being disarmed, and I will fight and I will kill and I may die in the process.”

The group had rifle practice and hand-to-hand combat training in the woods of Georgia.


Hill further explained the dire consequences we face this election, “This is the last chance to save America from ruin. I’m surprised I was able to survive or suffer through eight years of Obama without literally going insane, but Hillary is going to be more of the same.”

Hill continued, “We’ve [been] building up for this, just like the Marines. We are going to really train harder and try to increase our operational capabilities in the event that this is the day that we hoped would never come.”

Hill’s fears have been echoed by former Illinois Representative Joe Walsh.

And those fears are justified. Hillary Clinton has been exposed as the most corrupt candidate to ever run for President of the United States. Every chance she gets she lies. She even lied about where she was on 9/11. She sells out America without batting an eye. Rewarding foreign governments with favors through the State Department and then pocketing their money to fill her own coffers.

The American people will not stand for this!

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H/T: Zerohedge

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