Friday, November 18, 2016

Military families sacrifice a lot. Kids and spouses often spend holidays missing their soldiers who are off protecting us.

The Morse kids missed their dad while he was in Afghanistan for his final tour of duty during his 30 year Army career. He was gone for 14 months for this last tour. He wasn’t due back until December, but his orders changed. When he learned that he would be returning early for Thanksgiving, he and his wife wanted to surprise their children.

A local news station was there as Sergeant Major Ronald Morse suddenly showed up at his daughter Riley’s dance class. She had no idea he was going to be there. When she looked up and saw him, Riley immediately ran to her dad and jumped into his arms. She was completely surprised.

The other Morse kids were there, but were unaware that their dad had returned from Afghanistan. All of the kids were surprised to suddenly see their dad home in time for the holiday!

The video below is a real tear jerker, but definitely worth watching! What a great surprise for these kids to finally have their dad home for Thanksgiving!

Those kids were excited to have their dad home for Thanksgiving! It was his final tour, so hopefully they will get to share every holiday with him from now on. This family sacrificed being apart on holidays for thirty years.Now, they get to celebrate together! What a blessing. This family certainly has a lot to be grateful for and we are grateful for the sacrifices they made for our country during so many deployments!

These reunion videos never get old! If you liked this story, click here to watch a Marine surprise his mom by coming home for Thanksgiving!

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