Monday, November 28, 2016

I know there are people who love Black Friday. They love the sales. They love being able to do a whole bunch of Christmas shopping at once and save a lot of money. But they must also like getting into fights, getting trampled, and generally being involved in mayhem as we saw with shoppers making their way into a Nike Store and then DESTROYING it.

So let’s set the stage with this Nike Outlet Store in Seattle. Here is the calm before the storm:

Let's just say – Outlet video tomorrow!

A photo posted by Northwest Kicks (@northwest.kicks) on

And finally, here is some video. What is wrong with people?

This is a good lesson to share with others. Nothing is worth buying, if it means you’re going to destroy property and make a mess looking for a good deal. So show it to others as a reminder of what the Christmas season does NOT look like. 

h/t BroBible 

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