Thursday, November 3, 2016

It’s always great to hear from people who are exercising their right to vote. It’s even better when people express how they will not be cowed into being part of the Democrat’s identity politics.

This woman is black and is not voting for Hillary and she rejects Michelle Obama’s shaming!

Check out the video as she explains in detail why she’s not listening to Michelle Obama.

Can you believe that? Michelle Obama has offered up a completely bankrupt message that if a person is black, they should be voting for Democrats – blindly. Michelle thinks this lady shouldn’t bother educating herself on the issues or candidates positions but instead walk into a voting booth, look for ‘Democrat’ and vote for whoever it is.

What kind of mindless nonsense is that? Shouldn’t people be informed before they vote? Michelle Obama doesn’t think so. Thankfully this lady did not fall for it.

Share this video with others. Let them know it is perfectly fine to look at a candidate, look at what they stand for, and then make a determination as to whether or not you’re going to vote for them!

h/t 100 Percent Fed Up

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