Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The videos keep flowing from Project Veritas and this latest one has an ally of Hillary Clinton disparaging African-Americans who don’t vote Democrat, comparing them to Nazis!

The seven minute long video was covertly recorded by Project Veritas unbeknownst to the people talking. Not only was there the Nazi comparison but the Clinton ally and donor says, “Blacks who help the other side are seriously f**ked in the head.” 

Check out the video:

The best part is near the end where James O’Keefe urges people to ask the Clinton campaign to return any donations made by Barber. That’s a great idea. At 7:06 of the video, all the contact information for the Clinton campaign is there.

Go for it. Ask them about it. Ask them if this is the kind of people Hillary wants on her side.

Tell others about this! Share the video and encourage them to ask if they will return the tainted donations!

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