Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yesterday, a young radical Muslim tried to kill as many people as he could with his car and a butcher’s knife. Instead of condemning this act of violence and actually looking at the root causes, the mainstream media decides to blame Donald Trump. Then a CNN anchor suggests wearing headscarves in “solidarity” with other Muslims.

The video reports the story of a Muslim girl who stops wearing her headscarf after she said a man in a car spit at her. It’s unclear if this actually happened. And it doesn’t appear that CNN does any kind of follow-up to confirm the story.

It’s a story that fits their narrative so they run with it eventually turning it into an attack piece on President-elect Trump and suggesting Americans wear headscarves.  It’s absolutely absurd. The media have really gone off their rocker.


Nobody wants to see that, but to blame Donald Trump is insane! Who gets blamed for all of the attacks by radical Muslims? When will Alisyn Camerota, the CNN anchor, talk about wearing badges or police officer’s hats to show solidarity for the cops that have been killed over the last year?

This is another pathetic example of how the media forms a completely false and deceptive narrative.

Share it with others and let them see how the media works to manipulate people. 

h/t Pamela Gellar

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