Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Brittany Foreman an employee of the 52nd Ward of the 15th Division says she witnessed voter fraud from Democratic Committeeman John Bush in Philadelphia.

She notes that he was not supposed to be in the room or helping people vote, but he was helping people vote and even passing out Democratic literature at the polling location.

She notes that she reported the incident. When officials came to question the committeeman, they produced a poll watcher’s certificate which Ms. Foreman claims was forged.

She notes, “He did not have a poll watcher’s certificate all morning.”

She believes they are doing this so people will vote Democrat.


This comes off of other reports in Pennsylvania where machines were not allowing voters to choose any candidate other than Hillary Clinton until an election official came over and fiddled with the machine to correct it.

Voter fraud is extremely real and it appears Ms. Foreman witnessed it first hand. She took the proper actions and contacted authorities, but it appears those authorities might be in cahoots with the alleged illegal activities of Committeeman John Bush.

Donald Trump has been saying it for awhile, “It’s Rigged.”

If you see anything like this, you must report and try to get video evidence so the corrupt establishment and media are not able to cover it up!

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H/T: Milo

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