Monday, November 14, 2016

Country singer Maddie Wilson has a brand new song out, “Love Like Theirs,” where she sings about the dedication and love of her parents.

She describes their love as the “definition of true, lasting love.”

She continues, “I hope we all find a love like theirs one day.”

Watch and make sure you go all the way to end as Maddie gives a powerful testimonial to the hard-work and dedication it takes to build true lasting, love.

I love that she touches on how her parents showed her how to love.

“They’ve been through some pretty hard times together, but through the bad, they’ve worked together, they’ve worked through it, they’ve fought every single day for each other. And I think we need more of that these days. Too many people think love is something that you just fall into, but I don’t agree with that because the next day you can fall right out. There is no commitment. They kinda just give up really easily.”

She’s right. True love takes commitment and hard-work. It takes discipline and sacrifice.

We’d love to hear your own true love experience!

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