Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kayla Mueller was an American humanitarian aide worker in the Middle East. She was killed by ISIS after being raped and terrorized by the radical Islamic terrorists.



Her family has had it with the Obama/Hillary foreign policy and national defense. Now her father, Carl Mueller, has weighed into the presidential election.

Mr. Mueller has suffered a great loss with the torture and killing of his beautiful daughter. His experience with the Obama Administration during that time was abysmal. And now he has endorsed Donald Trump.

In the speech below, Mueller says he loves that Trump speaks his mind, without concern about political correctness. He likes that Trump doesn’t make decisions based upon political aspirations. He calls upon people of both political parties to vote for Trump to defeat evil as well as corruption in our government.

The speech below is worth watching and sharing!

You can really hear the pain in his voice when he speaks about what his daughter went through. But, he has the belief that our country can be turned around with the leadership from someone who isn’t tied to DC.

Share this if you agree with Carl Mueller and will be voting for Donald J. Trump!

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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