Monday, November 28, 2016

Diamond and Silk were enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday like millions of other Americans when they decided to check out the news and realized that Green Party candidate Jill Stein was engaging in an election recount.

Donald Trump called out Stein for this obvious fundraising scam to fill her own coffers, but Diamond and Silk had another message for Stein.


“The truth is you lost, Jill. You lost. So deal with it. That’s right. That means you are done. You are over with. You are toast. You are finished. You are through. BOOM! Drop out gracefully…The only thing we need for you to do is BOUNCE! Bye-Bye Boo!”

They are spot on!

Jill Stein needs to bow out gracefully! She lost and Donald Trump won.

The only thing she is trying to do is fill the coffer’s of her own bank account and those of her consultants. These are the people who are part of the swamp that Donald Trump is going to drain!

This might just be one of their last gasps before they are sent packing!

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