Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends this morning and was asked to give his “closing arguments.”

Trump responded to the request, “I have a lot of things to say we have build up our military that is depleted, we have to take care of our vets, we have to make strong borders, we have to make great trade deals, and we have to terminate Obamacare. Have to terminate it. We are going to come up with great healthcare at the fraction of the cost. Much better and much less expensive. Save our Second Amendment and remember our Supreme Court.”

Watch Trump’s remarks here:

This man has sacrificed and put his entire life on hold. He’s spent over a hundred million dollars. He’s done all of this to Make America Great Again.

He sees what is happening to our country with over a third of the population not even in the labor force anymore! He sees what has happened to our manufacturing jobs and how cities look like bombed out areas in a war zone.

He’s seen politicos get rich off the backs of average Americans. And he’s had enough and the American people have as well.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to Make America Great Again. It’s time to get us back on the track and Make America Safe and Strong Again!

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