Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hours after Donald Trump tweeted that there should be tougher consequences for those who burn American flags, a group of radical protestors from the NYC Revolution Club went to Trump Tower to burn a handful of American flags.

The group wore shirts saying “Revolution – Nothing Less!”

As they doused the flags in lighter fluid, one of the women went on an ignorant and uneducated rant about the American flag.

“This symbol of oppression. This symbol of slavery and genocide. The American flag stands for plunder. It stands for death squads in Guatemala. It stands for police murder of black and brown people. This flag stands for genocide of native people and the assault on Standing Rock. This flag deserves to burn. America was never great.”


And because once wasn’t enough. They did it again.

In the second video, you can actually hear some of the pedestrians confronting these communists.

One man calls them for what they are. “Anti-American bastards.”

Urban environments and universities are literally brainwashing these people into hating America. Fortunately, the American people have seen through the lies, propaganda, and deception and have chosen Donald Trump to lead us out of the darkness and Make America Great Again.

These communists should be arrested for trespassing and loitering and maybe it is time to pass a law making it illegal to burn American flags.

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H/T: Fox News Insider

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