Monday, November 28, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump issued a statement following the attack at Ohio State University which has left multiple people injured.

Trump issued the statement on Facebook.

He noted that his “thoughts and prayers are with all of the students and administration.”

He continued by thanking the “excellent job by the Ohio State University Emergency Management Team (OSU_EMFP) in immediately notifying students and faculty via social media.

Finally, he thanked “first responders who reacted immediately and eliminated the threat on campus.”

Here is his full statement:

Current reports indicate that ten people were taken to nearby hospitals with one in critical condition. These people were attacked via a motor vehicle and then a knife.

A suspect in the attack has been shot.

A university spokesman confirmed that victims had stab wounds as well as injuries from being struck by a vehicle. However, they did not say if anyone was shot. Witnesses did report they heard gunshots, but it’s unclear if they were from the attacker or the police pursuing him.

The tactic to attack people by vehicle is one used by ISIS and al-Qaida. It’s one they employed in Nice, France over the summer when a terrorist mowed down people with a large truck.

CBS is reporting that the attacker was a 20 year old Somali refugee.

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H/T: Breaking 911

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