Monday, November 7, 2016

One day before the election and a day after he rallied a monster crowd in Virginia, Donald Trump is flying all over the country making his final push to Make America Great Again! His first stop this morning was in Sarasota, Florida where thousands stood in line for miles to see him speak.

Five hours before the rally began, the line was 1/4 mile long!

Here’s what the line looked at sunrise!

Over ten thousand gathered.

Here’s another look at the line:

And here’s a look inside the arena from Donald Trump:

Here’s another look from one of our supporters! He told us, “It stretched both sides of the arena about 2 football fields long.”

Our supporter told us, “The lines to leave in the parking lot is longer than any sporting event I’ve ever been to. It’s been 24 minutes and I’ve moved 5 yards.”

That’s to LEAVE the rally, folks. That’s how many people showed up to see Mr. Trump speak!

Let’s make sure we have this kind of turn out tomorrow. Our country is on the line.

Watch the full speech here:

It’s time for the American Comeback Story.

It’s time to Make America Great Again.

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